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Why join us

TRACTIAN is reimagining industrial systems so that every frontline maintenance worker can realize their full potential. We're building software and hardware in one place—disrupting long-standing institutions with products and experiences that better serve the ambitions of our clients.

Working at TRACTIAN allows you to push your limits, challenge the status quo and collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our team members have the autonomy needed to accomplish challenging goals. We are a growth-stage startup and you will work directly with the founders, helping to define the vision, product and user experience.

Marketing at TRACTIAN

The Marketing team tells the Tractian story, determines messaging and positioning, and translates our reimagined products and features into tangible customer benefits. Our marketers—across Brand, Video, Content, and Performance—are responsible for acquiring new customers and have a deep understanding of the business. We’re a highly cross-functional team and partner most closely with the Product, Sales, BD, and Design teams to help our prospects and customers grasp how we can help them reach their full potential.

What you'll do

As a Content Engineer, you will be responsible for filming and producing technical content for our social media platforms. From YouTube to TikTok, from educative to informative content, the videos you'll make will be an asset to our niche. Your goal is to spread the message about our solutions and how they can be great partners to our clients.


Perform a critical analysis of existing and new video content

Edit videos focusing on the target audience's experience

Recording, decoupage, and editing of audiovisual content

Content creation for Tiktok, Instagram, and Shorts

Support in the development of scripts and contribution to storytelling

Collaborate with creative personalities to ensure proper and on-time execution of deliverables, such as user education materials, copy, images, video production, and all other marketing materials


Excellent Video recording skills, since a major part of your time you will be in front of a camera, developing and scripting best-in-class materials

High ability with camera proper use, photography, lighting, audio capture, and others

Know-how to edit videos, including sound design for a maximum experience (After Effects, Premiere, and/or DaVinci)

Proximity with video trimming and video color correction, audio processing, and music editing

Skills in Photography, Graphic Design (Photoshop and Illustrator)

Excellent written and verbal communications skills, with the ability to communicate complex ideas rapidly and compellingly to a variety of audiences (storytelling)

Bonus Points

Advanced English

Prior exposure to industrial fields

Proximity to engineering-related topics


Competitive salary and stock options

Sports Incentive: $1180mxn/mo extra if you practice activities

12 days of paid annual leave

Optional fully funded English / Portuguese courses

MasterCard card with $1,000mxn/mo extra and health benefits within their website

Carnet Card: $2,800mxn/mo for groceries and food

Earn a trip anywhere in the world every 4 years

Day off during the week of your birthday

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