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Maintenance Heroes: Adriana Lacerda of Azul Airlaines

Meet the trajectory of Adriana Lacerda, General Manager of Line Maintenance Operations at Azul Airlaines. 

Born in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Adriana spent her entire childhood in the Leblon neighborhood and was always interested in sports. During her school life, the carioca studied at an Irish school. “My classes were in Portuguese, but English was always very strong inside, it gave me fluency from an early age and opened doors. In high school, I always liked the sciences more, so mathematics, physics, chemistry, geometry attracted me more than the art subjects.” says Adriana.

When she had to choose an area in which she identified herself to pursue higher education, Adriana opted for Production Engineering, at PUC-Rio. At the time, her classes were full time, so there was no time to do an internship, which was her biggest dream. The subsequent interest in graduating in Administration came from having a curriculum similar to Production Engineering, which could be completed in a short time due to the equivalence of subjects, in addition to offering evening classes.

I knew I was on the right track, as I liked the classes and could start working soon.

The beginning of a professional trajectory

Adriana says that in her first Administration period, she participated in several interviews to get an internship and that during a group dynamic game, she went through a funny and unusual situation.  She mentions that at the time she did not know the game and was surprised when the girl who raised her hand and participated in the dynamic, ended up being the one selected for the internship.

Later, when she participated in another group dynamic and already knowing the game, she realized that she was in the same situation. Again a recruiter asks who knows how to play the same game. Adriana is the first to raise her hand. At the end, she receives the news that she has been selected for the vacancy. Finally her first stage internship. “In a competitive environment where experiences and skills are similar, learning how to stand out is essential,” she says.

Adriana worked for a telecommunication and an oil and gas company, where her job involved project management, financial feasibility analysis and logistics, and finally entered the aviation world. In this industry, her work was related to aircraft supply inside airports, including all the complexities that the management of these processes presents.

After a while, the opportunity arose to work for Avianca Brazil, an airline she spent five years working for, where two of those were in ​​projects for increase in efficiency and three in Aircraft Maintenance.

Adriana says that there were numerous meetings related to process improvement, but when they were with the Maintenance staff, the conversations changed their tone. There were many acronyms, information, decision making, which impacted the entire business and this created a great admiration from her part for the company.

“I wanted to understand everything they said, the parts with difficult names they mentioned and that still didn’t make sense in my head. I was looking for knowledge mainly by myself, reading, in a more self-taught learning process.”

It was when she joined Maintenance, as Manager of Processes, Projects and Financial Controls, that she began to understand how this world worked. In addition to the support of her colleagues, she counted mainly on the support of her immediate manager, later friend and mentor for life, Carlos Croba. “Having a leader who cares about development is the other half of our professional growth. I was lucky to have excellent managers during my career, but when luck didn’t help, I had to act and make difficult decisions”, reinforces Adriana.

The search for excellence

For Adriana, her challenges in the profession were in relation to the information she needed to acquire in order for her analysis to be complete and she states that her conquests never came easily. It emphasizes that everything you do, needs to be whole and not shallow. When commenting on guidelines to her teams, the manager says that excellence, knowledge and research always go hand in hand.

Currently at Azul, the manager is responsible for line maintenance operations, where she coordinates teams that carry out the planning of preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, soil equipment management, operational efficiency and line maintenance, mostly composed of mechanics. “My pre-pandemic routine was, in addition to going to the office to resolve issues related to strategy, people, improvements and processes, visiting the bases and talking with the teams to understand how we can help them in their day-to-day difficulties”.

Adriana says that Line Maintenance is basically divided into two main segments, the mechanics team that takes care of traffic, which are the intervals between landings and takeoffs at the airports where Azul operates. In the short time they are on the ground, there is a maintenance action. Another team that operates overnight when the aircraft stays longer on the ground, with no scheduled flights in the next few hours, is when maintenance program tasks are carried out.

Today her routine is home office, due to the pandemic. Waking up before 7 am and by 8 am you start working. Meetings are held during the day, with no fixed time to end. As the head works best during the day, she keeps the late afternoon and evening periods for some exercise and walking.

When asked about advice she would give to future generations who would enter the profession, Adriana explains that the first step is to identify with Maintenance, whether she likes the activities that are performed there, or having skills that can enrich this area. Having affinity and willingness to study hard is fundamental. “The weekend is always with family and friends”. Adriana says she really likes to travel, hike and meet friends, although today she can’t because of the pandemic. In addition to having a passion for cooking, she is also a lover of series and films.

We at Tractian value and admire the effort of all maintenance professionals and congratulate Adriana on her journey. We are very proud of these professionals who break barriers and always show that a woman’s place is where she wants to be! In the “Heroins of Maintenance” chart, professionals from Yara, Suzano, Vale and other major brands have already been interviewed. Visit our blog to get inspired by other trajectories.


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