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The Place for Veterans to Have Meaningful Impact

The core values of American veterans - being mission-driven, disciplined, dedicated, and resilient - strongly relate to TRACTIAN company pillars. This is the place where you can apply these unique skills while being of service to an underserved community, finding opportunities for career growth and professional development, besides making an impact in the organization.

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The place for Veterans TRACTIAN Image

“My time in the USMC taught me the power of teamwork and precision. Today, in my role here, I use those same principles to ensure our projects are executed flawlessly. It's an honor to bring that military ethos into the civilian workforce and contribute to our team's success.”

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David Lee

Enterprise Sales Director

Former Capt. O-3, USMC & MIANG


“My military background has equipped me with skills like teamwork, real-time analysis, and quick decision-making. Transitioning from the military to the industrial sector showcases my adaptability and determination. TRACTIAN solutions reflect the precision and vigilance I honed during my service.”

Clemen Meyers Photo

Clemens Meyers

Customer Engineer

Submarine Warfare, ETN Chief Engineer

The place for Veterans TRACTIAN Image

Veterans at the Service of the US Maintenance and Manufacturing Community

Igor Marinelli


We're proud and grateful for all that the military and veteran community have done for this country, and we're always looking for ways to support them. That's why we're offering a veteran-focused recruiting program. Our high-performance, boots on the ground culture is the perfect environment for these individuals to thrive and reach incredible growth.

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