Nothing here is done outside
our culture

We believe that everyone can evolve through their own ambitions, and especially, in people with a desire to change maintenance front line life.

Our culture of high performance. Here everyone thrives with autonomy, freedom and a desire for great challenges, always striving for excellence.


Empowering industrial and frontline workers - the backbone of our economy - with a perfectly simple and efficient fusion of software and hardware tools that will make them the best professionals in the business.


Deeply improve the lives of all front-line workers around the world by uncomplicating predictive maintenance routines for industries and facilities.


Predict the our customers needs, listen carefully to their feedbacks, and care deeply about being a reference for them.


He thinks and acts as his own master, encourages others to develop a spirit of protagonism, and leads by example.


You only say things about your coworkers face to face. Propose ways forward, take responsibility for your work, and admit your mistakes quickly.