Industrial Vibration Sensor

Accurately monitor the condition of your industrial equipment in real time. Avoid unexpected failures, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

smart trac vibration sensor smart trac tractian

70+ Faults Anticipated and Diagnosed

Avoid unexpected failures, reduce maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency.

Smart Trac's Technology Doesn't Stop at the Alert of Failures

sensor tractian

Fault Detected

failure notification tractian

Fault Alert

diagnosus and prescription tractian

Diagnosis and Prescription

maintener tractian

Fault Confirmed by the Maintainer

Continuous Learning

Prediction with Unique and Exclusive TRACTIAN Technology

objective data sensor tractian

Objective data without interference from external factors

The constant collection of information disregards temperature oscillations from one season to another, eliminating errors and allowing accurate fault detection, considering only the temperature of the analyzed asset.

health report tractian

Accurate health report within 5 days

The state of health of the asset through vibration, precisely, up to 5 days after installation, enhancing the reading of the machine's behavior and its ideal functioning in the industry, identifying failures from the first days of installation.

Who Uses Smart Trac

mechanical clearance smart trac sensor

Companies that have critical industrial equipment that needs constant monitoring

unplanned downtime smart trac warning

Professionals/Industries seeking to increase operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid unscheduled downtime

insights in real time smart trac

Managers, Supervisors, Directors, Operators, Technicians, and Planners who need to work with real-time data

Compatible with 30+ asset categories

An accurate, reliable, rugged, and easy-to-install vibration sensor, designed for any application on both light and heavy machinery.

Discover Why People
Consistently Choose TRACTIAN


Exclusive Patented Fault Diagnosis Capability

Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis

Cloud-based Software

Historical Trend Analysis

Condition-based Maintenance

Work Order Automation and Maintenance Scheduling

Mechanical with Electrical Monitoring Combined

Analysis of Machine Performance Compared to Your Competitors

Mobile network connectivity included with no industrial WiFi required


*Offered only once a day

Complete and Simplified Predictive Maintenance

• Assets Overview


Follow your machine's health anytime

• Automatic Status Detection per Asset

• Total time per State calculated in real time

• Latest Insights, Insight Status and automatic alarm criticality level

• Prescriptive Insights

• Spectral Analysis Tool

• Virtual Blueprint for Supervisors

• Predictive Analysis Report

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With the best predictive solution you can:

Monitor and analyze the vibration and temperature of your equipment in real time

Identify potential failures before they occur

Receive immediate alerts in case of deviations or anomalies

Schedule preventive maintenance based on reliable data

Increase the life of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs

Smart Trac Installation

sensores tractian

After selecting the best monitoring points, the TRACTIAN team sends the sensors

installation sensor tractian

Depending on your plant, the sensor can be attached to the asset by adhesive or screws.


Now you’ll have your asset health report in hand, and in less than 24 hours, the first possible failure identified. In a few days, the artificial intelligence will have learned the behavior of the machine and will start detecting failures in advance.

An unstoppable sensor, just like your assets.

IP69K resistance against steam and high-pressure water jets

Lined with the thermal insulation Makrolon 2407

Temperature sensor as close as possible to asset without being invasive

Attachment through epoxy or an M8 threaded screw

Up to three years of battery life

Connection via 3G/4G included

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Smart Trac Technical Specifications

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