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Data-Driven Decisions

Transform the way you make decisions in the industry. In this guide you will understand how to use data to base your decisions, the main benefits and how this methodology helps in the day-to-day maintenance.

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Master Guide for Predictive Maintenance

It's time to overcome emergency corrective maintenance and discover the benefits of prediction. With our material you will learn all about Predictive Maintenance, the five most used techniques and how to incorporate this form of maintenance in your company.

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Unlimited Machine Uptime

Do not continue to be caught off guard by emergency corrective maintenance. Reading this ebook will help you in: understanding about the behavior of failures over the life of the machine, using asset management tools and taking actions to eliminate unplaned downtime.

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Complete Guide to Maintenance KPIs

What is a maintenance performance indicator? How do you choose the most importants KPIs for your operation? Answer these and other questions reading this guide!

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