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Do you know any industry or company that could benefit from the TRACTIAN platform? Tell us about it!

For each contract closed by referral, you get a $100.00 gift card to use as you wish. The more referrals you send, the greater the chance of winning and the higher the accumulated value.

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transform as many professionals as possible

To transform the daily routine of many professionals as much as possible, we count on the support of guardians who help us in the purpose of democratizing predictive maintenance in the industry.

And you can be one of them! All you have to do is make a nomination.

How it works?


How it works?

Fill out the nomination form.


How it works?

Matched? We send the sensors for your referral.


How it works?

Receive a card worth $100.00.


First, you will need to fill out the nomination form.

Once we receive your referral, our sales team will contact the company/industry to understand their potential, needs and how Tractian can help them. If there is synergy, we will schedule a demo meeting to present our solution.

During the presentation meeting, we will talk more about our platform, its functionalities and Tractian Sensors. This is usually the moment when the amount of points to be monitored by Tractian and how we can move forward if the proposal goes ahead is defined.

Should the referral become a client of Tractian, we will send the sensors to your referral, and a personalized MasterCard worth $100.00 to you.

get rewards for referring

Ready to win?

Indicate as many times as you like. For each indicated industry that signs with Tractian, you receive a personalized $100.00 MasterCard gift card. The value is cumulative!

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