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TRACTIAN arrives in Mexico

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We are honored to announce that our online monitoring and asset management system has arrived in Mexico. With the goal of bringing our technology and predictive failure services to other countries and transform the lives of maintenance professionals around the world, Mexico City has been chosen to lead the expansion.

Tractian: which assets does the sensor monitor?

Our idea is to replicate the success we had in Brazil throughout Latin America and reach out to different industries and markets. Katherine Viteri, our marketing specialist and person in charge of the expansion process, told Mexico Industry magazine:

“We see Mexico as a competitive and interesting country at the industrial level, we have seen the economic growth it has had and it’s a country that allows foreign investment.”

To boost our arrival in the Mexican industry, we are working with Mexico Industry, Predictiva 21 and Somos Industria to promote free quality content about predictive maintenance. TRACTIAN Mexico’s first event was the recent webinar “Predictive Technologies in Maintenance”, organized with the goal of sharing knowledge and creating a community in the industrial sector focused on maintenance, which is the first step towards introduction in the country.

“The goal we achieved is satisfactory. The event exceeded 1100 registered participants, which indicates that there is a need, there are companies interested in learning about these solutions to see how they can benefit from them,” said Viteri. 

In Mexico City, we plan to establish a Data Development and Production Center, as well as continuing to provide support and advice to companies and maintenance technicians.

The expansion into Mexico arose from the need to keep up with the industrial plants of our multinational customers throughout Latin America. “We already have personnel in Mexico and are looking for specialists in sales, marketing, and developers. Our strategic and operational plan is already in place.”

Market relevance

Previously, maintenance professionals had to perform complex installations to improve the supervision and monitoring of machines and team in an industrial plant. With TRACTIAN’s technology, the process is online, intuitive, and easy to install.

The SMART TRAC sensor accurately measures the temperature, vibration, hour meter and estimated energy consumption of machines. When combined with TracOS™, our online asset management and monitoring CMMS software, maintenance routines can be optimized and companies can increase their competitive advantage.

All our technology evolution work is done in conjunction with maintenance workers. “It’s essential to listen to customers and work on continuous improvements, we have a team of developers here who work to make the products and services we offer much more efficient and maintainable,” co-CEO Igor Marinelli, also told Mexico Industry.

“What makes us different is that we don’t need infrastructure or Industrial Wifi, we collect and send data through a 100% independent 3G/4G mobile network. Advanced technology is used in processing, device installation and general data analysis. In the end, it becomes simple and easy to use.”

How does TRACTIAN’s online monitoring sensor work?

Our story

TRACTIAN was founded in 2019 by Igor Marinelli and Gabriel Lameirinha. Since then, the company has accumulated over 120 customers – including Electrolux and Embraer, for example – and our maintenance management software was recently voted one of the top 3 in the world by Gartner Digital Market and GetApp.

The company has important investors such as Anna Shedletsky, Former Lead at Apple, Michael Lehmann, who is former CFO at Volkswagen, Claudia Massei, CEO at Siemens Omán, and Gabriel Guimarães, Engineering Manager at Brex. It has also obtained funding from accelerators and is evolving very quickly: it closed 2021 with a growth of 409%.

TRACTIAN is a leader in the Maintenance Management Software category

In Brazil, TRACTIAN has a community of 500,000 associated technicians and plans to have the same impact in Mexico. With intelligent and intuitive solutions to monitor equipment and reduce unexpected failures in industrial plants, the goal is to reach the Mexican market as a pioneer in online machine management.

The expansion to Mexico is a source of great pride and satisfaction for the entire TRACTIAN team because it shows that our efforts to improve the lives of maintainers have been paying off. Now professionals from yet another country will be able to optimize asset management, eliminate failures, reduce costs, and facilitate their daily lives with our predictive system.

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