Condition Monitoring and Asset Management in one place

Avoid failures in your machines and leave unplanned equipment downtime behind with the end-to-end solution for industries.

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How it works

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Real-time Monitoring

Smart Trac collects vibration, temperature and hour meter data and transmits it to TRACTIAN platform. Users have access to information about machine health condition in real time via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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AI-powered Insights

Smart Trac uses machine history data from your assets and our complete database, making it possible to identify with high assertiveness failures such as misalignment, cavitation, unbalance and others.

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Asset Management

TracOS™ allows you to manage your production lines efficiently. With a single tool you can automate work orders, concentrate team communication, calculate important maintenance KPIs, manage your inventory and cost center, and more.

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Predictive Maintenance

Combining Smart Trac and TracOS™ you will have the most efficient tool for your maintenance. Receive automatic notifications, access complete operational reports and reduce the reaction time for each work order.

With TRACTIAN, there is no such thing as downtime

Predict breakdowns, unplanned equipment downtime and other malfunctions with a complete diagnosis of your machines.

IoT Technology

Smart Trac collects data every 5 minutes. TRACTIAN platform will notify you of any mechanical issues, reducing failures and emergency corrective maintenance up to 55%.

Artificial Intelligence

Take action based on vibration issues detected by Smart Trac. Our technology empowers users by providing an assertive course of action to avoid machine breakdowns.

Plug and Play

Smart Trac is attached to machines in only 3 minutes through its magnetic base and immediately starts collecting data. Forget about invasive and long hours setups.

Automated Reports

Keep all your indicators updated automatically, such as MTBF, MTTR, reliability, and others. All customizable for your operation.

Procedures Library

Use online procedures to organize checklists and inspections. Centralize your team's routine and empower maintenance activities.

Inventory Management

Full usage or purchase history with minimum stock notification right to your email or app. Automatic stock update with used items in the inventory.

Solution for all sectors industries

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From monthly inspections to real-time monitoring: how increased reliability with condition monitoring.

You need a check-up every year. Your machines need one every day.

Monitor machine health of your critical assets and increase the reliability of your operation with constant data collection and AI-powered insights.

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Upgrade your maintenance knowledge

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Your All-in-one Maintenance Workspace

Get full control over your maintenance via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

It’s time to upgrade your maintenance.

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