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Unlimited Machine Uptime

Check your machine health score online and receive insights about issues early on after two minutes sensor setup!

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Why Tractian?

Predictive Maintenance

Automatic fault detection, real-time asset health, reliability percentage and automatic insights.

Work Orders Automation

Generate work orders based on hours using the horimeter calculated from the Tractian sensor and improve your preventive maintenance.

Online Monitoring

Tractian sensor collects vibration, temperature, hour meter and energy consumption data in real time.

Instant Setup

Plug & Play solution, forget about gateways or routers, communication via independent 2G / 3G network

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Keep your team and machines performing at their best

We make predictive maintenance uncomplicated, in an easy and fast implemantation:

No gateway, no headache

Our sensors send data about your machine via a 2g / 3g network with no need of tons of gateways.

Just attach the sensor to the location to be monitored and everything is ready: monitor the condition of your machine in real time.

The Shazam for maintenance teams

How it works?

1. We ship the sensors

The sensors are delivered in your site and you don`t need to go throught industrial Wi-fi or talk to IT departments.

2. Attach to your machine

Our sensor is attached by strong magnets into your machine and starts to transmit important data.

3. Get valuable Insights

Our system centralizes accurate information about your machines, with insights and analyzes, such as equipment health, anomaly detection and machine spectrum degradation.

Better machine performance for better maintenance teams' productivity


Assertiveness of Insights generated by Tractian platform.


Increased reliability of machines with Tractian Solution.


Reduction of last-minute maintenance occurrences.

#1 Solution for maintenance

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