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Avoid failures in your machines and leave downtime behind with the best predictive system on the market.

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How it works

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Real-time Monitoring

TRACTIAN is the tool that removes barriers for you to keep your operation running without interruptions.

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IoT Technology

Every failure exhibits symptoms before it happens - and Smart Trac doesn't let any of them get by. Receive automatic alerts at the slightest sign of malfunction and minimize expenses on corrective maintenance.

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Asset Management

Know exactly what needs to be done that day before you even go to work. Track and organize all your work orders in the TracOSâ„¢ mobile interface.

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Predictive Maintenance

With the perfect fusion of hardware and software, you can control your machines, automate processes, and manage activities. All this in a single tool.

With TRACTIAN, there is no such thing as downtime

All the tools you need to keep production up and running and use your time and resources optimally are here.

True predictive maintenance

Know everything that happens with your assets and monitor the operational status in real time. With data collection every 5 minutes, you reduce failures and emergency corrective maintenance by up to 55%.

Artificial Intelligence

Forget about inspection routes and monthly analysis. Get everything automatically with the best technology on the market, which learns the machine's behavior and accurately analyzes each potential failure.

Instant setup

You only need to plug the sensor into the asset and let it do the rest by itself. With 3G/4G connection and 3-year battery life, no WiFi or infrastructure is needed. All of the collection is encrypted and there is no risk of data loss.

Automated Metrics

Get all your updated maintenance indicators on one page. Decrease MTTR and MTTA, increase MTBF and reach the highest availability and reliability levels.

Preventive Plans

Create, manage and automate Work Orders. Plan preventive maintenance with multiple views and categories, access complete operational reports and reduce the reaction time for each WO.

Cost Center

Track costs and changes in key maintenance spending indicators. Enable notifications for the most critical expenditures, optimize the use of resources and reduce costs by up to 60%.

For all industries in all sectors

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From monthly inspections to real-time collections: how Amsted increased reliability with online monitoring

You need a check-up every year. Your machines need one every day.

Track the health of critical assets and increase the reliability of your operation with current data 24 hours a day, every day.

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Named favorite CMMS and OEE solution in the Capterra 2021 ranking


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Your entire maintenance. One single system.

Whether on a tablet, cell phone, computer, or any other device. A single experience for your whole crew.

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