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Quarterbacking Your Maintenance

Avoid failures in your machines and leave downtime in the past with the best predictive system on the market.

A solution for every stage of your maintenance operations.

CbM Sensor

Smart Trac Ultra

Condition Monitoring & Auto Diagnosis™: predict failures, avoid downtime, and cut operational costs

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EAM/CMMS Software


Maintenance Management & Reliability: register every task and manage real-time data

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energy efficiency

Energy Trac

Energy Efficiency & Data Intelligence: transform energy consumption data into profits

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Gautam Sane

Gautam Sane

Senior Reliability Engineer

"I'm really impressed by the reliability metrics that TRACTIAN is able to calculate in real time, and the level of detail when it comes to the failure modes and the insight generation. TRACTIAN has really improved our asset availability."

CP Kelco Increased Machine Reliability Through Fault-Finding and AI-Powered Insights and Diagnostics

By partnering with TRACTIAN, the Reliability team at CP Kelco can now address issues proactively with diagnostics based on real-time data. This saves them time and money on delays due to unplanned equipment downtime.


Return on Investment (ROI)



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Unlocking Industrial Insights:

Total Economic Return Report

Gain a comprehensive understanding of TRACTIAN's impact on industrial operations through AtlasIntel's in-depth research. Explore the benefits, potential ROI, and real-world results.

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+17% Increase in Availability

Keep your assets running smoothly

Payback in < 3 months

Immediate return for your maintenance and reliability budget

+38% Increase in Productivity

Teams operating at maximum efficiency

30% Reduction in PM Costs

Increase asset life cycles and cut maintenance costs


Assisted Maintenance:
the virtual expert in the field
working for you.

Dedicated Customer Support with Boots on the Ground



Effortless Setup

Attach the sensor to the asset and scan the QR Code. In seconds it’ll connect to the best 4G/LTE network and start transmitting the data from your machine to the cloud.


User-friendly Application

Our accessible and intuitive interface empowers machine operators to become experts in failure analysis using the platform's tools.


Remote Onboarding

During the first weeks of implementation, our onboarding process takes place remotely, with expert assistance and training videos for the entire team.

Around-the-clock monitoring at your service

You need a check-up every year. Your machines need one every day.
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