Work Order Management

Automate work orders with images, descriptions, QR Codes and real-time KPI tracking


New ways to create and manage work orders

Add images and videos, assign tasks and attach PDF documents

Link your work order with available inventory items

Track costs associated with each work order, including materials used and time spent

Improve team collaboration and service speed by adding personalized comments or mentions on the platform

Quickly find open, paused or completed service orders

Filter your searches by priority, status, location, asset, responsible parties and more

QR Codes have taken over the shop floor

Discover how much you can accomplish with QR Codes.


TracOS™ CMMS organizes every asset, plant location and component. Quickly access historical Work Orders data, completed inspections and team feedback by simply scanning QR Codes affixed to machines with your phone or mobile device.

In TracOS™, all information matters

Add images, descriptions, team comments and any other helpful attachments.


Optimized filters for your needs

Track all requests from the same place. View by status, priority, assignee and more


Track important maintenance KPIs in real time

We believe that efficient maintenance management only happens if it is based on data.


As jobs are performed, TracOS™ analyzes, tracks and reports back automatically. Key maintenance metrics tell you everything from timing to needed staff improvements.

Learn other features of TracOS™

Picture of technician using CMMS management software - Tractian

It's time to let TracOS™ take your factory's potential to the next level.