Vibration Analysis and Proactive Maintenance for your critical assets

Save time and resources with automatic, continuous, and comparative analysis of vibration data.


Advanced Reports with Artificial Intelligence

No more manual collections and monthly analyses. Monitor vibration with the best predictive technology, which learns machine behavior and analyzes each potential failure accurately.

24-hour remote monitoring

2G/3G/4G connectivity enables real-time remote monitoring. Control the key asset information from anywhere on any device.

280+ samples a day

Highest data acquisition frequency on the market, with triaxial vibration collections up to 32kHz and acceleration up to 16g every 5 minutes.

Spectral Analysis Tool

Compare spectra and samples, and get easy access to Classic Vibration Spectrum Analysis tools, as well as multiple waveform and sideband views.

70+ types of faults detected

Get automatic alerts the moment a potential failure is detected, as well as a full diagnosis of the fault and guidance on how to take action to avoid it.

We show you the fault and tell you what to do. You just need to act.

Our patented vibration analysis algorithms detect the most subtle behavioral changes in an asset, generating insights about the fault and instructions on how teams can quickly intervene to prevent complete failure.

• Alerts and Diagnostics


• Specific alerts generated by patented Artificial Intelligence

• Anomaly insights based on the expected operating pattern

• 89% alert assertiveness, which can increase with the customization of the criticality matrix

• Continuous machine learning as the team sends feedback on failures

• Spectral Analysis Tool

• Predictive Analysis Reports

• Monitoring KPIs and Reports

Improve operation performance comparing your Assets with the competition

Even before the sensor learning period, you get a complete Initial Health Report which uses data from similar machines from other companies to analyze the condition of yours.

Initial diagnosis within 48h after the sensors have been installed

Analysis based on extensive database of over 300,000 assets

Statistical comparison with assets of the same type, monitored in other industries

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Exclusive Patented Fault Diagnosis Capability

Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis

Cloud-based Software

Historical Trend Analysis

Condition-based Maintenance

Work Order Automation and Maintenance Scheduling

Mechanical with Electrical Monitoring Combined

Analysis of Machine Performance Compared to Your Competitors

Mobile network connectivity included with no industrial WiFi required


*Offered only once a day

Smart Trac™

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