Detect faults and learn how to avoid them

Only TRACTIAN identifies potential machine failures and gives you the steps you need to take action.


We show you the fault and tell you what to do. You just need to act.

Our patented vibration analysis algorithms detect the most subtle behavioral changes in an asset, generating insights about the fault and instructions on how teams can quickly intervene to prevent complete failure.

• Prescriptive Insights


+70 types of rotating asset failures

• Specific alarms generated by Artificial Intelligence

• Anomaly insights based on expected operating pattern

• 89% alarm accuracy

• The system learns from feedback after detecting faults

• Spectral Analysis Tool

• Predictive Analysis Reports


Accurate comparisons
from day one

Within 5 days of installing Smart Trac on your machine, you will receive a complete Initial Health Report on the asset.

It is based on an extensive database and the Tractian Health Standards (THS). We compare your asset information with other records for equipment of the same type, creating an overall analysis of the asset's condition.

This way, your staff can act preventively even before the 15-day sensor learning period.


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"The practicality of the platform with the holistic vision of the team aligns with our corporate guidelines of pursuing excellence in maintenance processes and increases Embraer's competitiveness."
Maintenance Engineer
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"TRACTIAN's ease of implementation is what motivated me to choose the company. As well as the Artificial Intelligence behind the monitoring which contributes greatly to identifying faults and anticipating them."
Maintenance Leader

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