Energy Trac

Real-time Monitoring of Your Company's Consumption for Efficient Energy Management

  • Smart energy data management

  • Consumption comparison between sectors, assets, or shifts

  • Creation of energy metrics and KPIs

  • Non-invasive, quick installation


Market-Leading Companies Choose TRACTIAN for Their Asset Management

Why should you choose Energy Trac?

Energy efficiency powered by data intelligence.


reduction in consumption KPIs per product


reduction in demand costs


reduction in excess energy costs


Analyze Consumption and Demand Data in Real Time

  • Track consumption and demand data during peak and off-peak periods

  • Know the total energy cost, by sector or by asset

  • Manage electrical variables to avoid fines


Combine Variables and Create Efficiency Metrics for Your Company

  • Relate all variables and create exclusive, automated metrics

  • Centralize data such as water consumption, gas, and other production KPIs

  • Analyze trends and protect your operation with smart alarms and insights

Transform Energy Management and Efficiency into Financial Results

Control Costs for Every Operation


Identify energy consumption in each sector of your plant and apply cost allocation accurately, whether by production line or cost center.

Identify High-Consumption Assets at Your Plant


Monitor asset information on a single screen and generate reports with data on consumption, power factor, current, runtime, among others.

Artificial Intelligence Monitors Electrical Condition and Notifies at the Sign of Any Issue

Data Intelligence Visibility:
Control Power Quality

    Energy Trac allows you to efficiently monitor the consumption of your assets and thoroughly assess the energy health of your plant, avoiding potential failures and unnecessary expenses.

    Monitor all electrical variables, such as current per phase, voltage per phase, power factor, harmonics, phase angle, and others, to ensure maximum power quality.

Blackout-Proof Engineering: Get Instant Alerts on Power Outages

In the event of blackouts, or any electrical issues such as overloads or surges, Energy Trac automatically detects the events, logging and notifying the responsible parties in real time.

This data allows users to receive immediate alerts and dispute charges with energy suppliers, ensuring effective and economical energy management.

Practical and Non-Invasive Installation

Smart energy monitoring, with contactless current readings and data communication without the need for complex infrastructures such as cabling or fiber optics.


Current acquisition by CT or contactless Rogowski Coil

Records RMS signals every 3 seconds

Automatic surge detection for start current and voltage fluctuation

Wireless communication via 4G/LTE mobile network

Pre-calibrated sensor with fuse protection and resin-coated circuit

With Energy Trac you get maximum efficiency for your operation's energy consumption.


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