Energy Reports

Automatic energy KPIs

With Energy Trac, your staff has access to high-level view management, resulting in efficient, data-driven maintenance.


Advanced reporting with artificial intelligence

Monitor your energy bill and the health of your power grid in real time. The platform learns the consumption patterns of assets and analyzes the energy data, turning it into accurate analyses.


Energy Consumption x Cost

Monitor how much the energy consumption of your assets is costing your company and avoid high fees.

Understand consumption patterns, improve productivity and avoid costs

Health of the power grid

Monitor the assets through the platform in real time

Energy KPIs calculated automatically

View and control the operation window

Optimized asset management

Find the best operating hours for your machines

Get OEE data and increase productivity

Optimize the performance window of the capacitor bank

Smart power consumption

Understand consumption patterns clearly

Find out which flags and tariffs work for you

Reduce your energy fees with real consumption calculations

70+ fault types automatically detected and analyzed

Whatever the electrical fault, it will be identified, diagnosed, and analyzed from its first symptoms.


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features of Energy Trac

Say goodbye to overheating components, voltage drops, and high energy bills.


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