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Unlocking Industrial Insights: TRACTIAN’s Total Economic Return Report

Gain a comprehensive understanding of TRACTIAN's impact on industrial operations through AtlasIntel's in-depth research. Explore the benefits, potential ROI, and real-world results.

TRACTIAN Solutions

TRACTIAN, with its Condition Monitoring and Asset Management solutions, is actively driving the technological revolution in industrial maintenance.

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Discovering Impactful Insights:
The TRACTIAN Report Revealed

Delve into the comprehensive research conducted by AtlasIntel to explore detailed insights, real-world case studies, and quantifiable benefits that showcase the power of TRACTIAN's approach to condition monitoring and asset management.

AtlasIntel gathered data from 250+ companies to understand the ROI of TRACTIAN's solutions.

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TRACTIAN's Economic Edge: Unveiling the Report's Insights

TRACTIAN's innovative hardware-software solutions are reshaping industrial maintenance practices, offering real-time insights and predictive capabilities to optimize operations and minimize downtime.

Atlas Intel Report

Global Availability Increase (11%)

Vibration sensors and AI algorithms monitor the condition of industrial machines, enabling timely interventions and reducing operational disruptions. This predictive approach ensures that machines operate at peak efficiency and are consistently available for production.

Atlas Intel Report

Productivity Increase (38%)

TRACTIAN solutions provide actionable insights and accurate data to help teams establish more efficient maintenance procedures and inspection routes. By knowing exactly when and where to act, and what to do, maintenance teams can address issues quickly and seamlessly.

Atlas Intel Report

Decrease in Unplanned Downtime (43%)

By leveraging precise, data-driven insights from TRACTIAN sensors and software, maintenance teams could proactively address potential issues before they escalated, thereby reducing the frequency and urgency of unplanned repairs.

Sample profile of companies

Target Audience

Industries and Manufacturing Facilities

Margin of Error


Industry Sectors

> 14

Sample Period

Sep 23 - Jan 24

This AtlasIntel Total Economic Report study considered 250+ global companies with extended experience using TRACTIAN solutions. The sample includes a variety of different industries, different company sizes and asset quantities.

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Explore the Full TRACTIAN Total Economic Return Report

Delve into extensive research results, including detailed ROI calculations, industry-specific benchmarks, and firsthand accounts from businesses benefiting from TRACTIAN's solutions.

Experience the depth and breadth of the report's analyses, showcasing tangible outcomes such as a 383% average ROI and a rapid 3-month payback period. Take your understanding of TRACTIAN's impact to the next level by accessing the full report today.

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Benefits Showcase

Explore the tangible advantages of TRACTIAN's innovative solutions and witness the transformative impact on industrial operations.

The TRACTIAN mobile app allowed access to real-time information directly on mobile devices

Manufacturers increased productivity and reduced waste in production processes

After implementing the TRACTIAN CMMS/EAM, technicians enhanced their efficiency in asset management and work order handling

Manufacturers witnessed increased machine availability

+ More...
TRACTIAN Solutions

“TRACTIAN solutions consider the end-to-end process, connecting to our equipment and recording the data on a cloud platform in real time so that the maintenance staff can take action. We carried out tests with two other suppliers before partnering with TRACTIAN. These solutions had the same purpose but were incomplete. TRACTIAN monitors our equipment and gives us automatic insights, as well as guidance for solving the issue.”

- IT Specialist at a multinational automotive manufacturer

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Get the Full Report

Gain a comprehensive understanding of TRACTIAN's impact on industrial operations by downloading the full Total Economic Return Report.

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