Plenty of features in just one industrial workspace.

Plan and Organize

Maintenance Planning

Sample Data Automatically

Maintenance Reports and KPIs

Control Spare Parts Stock

Inventory Management

Customize your Routine

Procedures Library

And there's more.

TracOS™ blows away even those who have been using it for years.
With continuous new features, TRACTIAN CMMS goes beyond the expected and delivers consistent results.

Easy to Use Interface

Endorsing the concept of visual management, TRACTIAN software was designed in a way where you can dedicate your time to what really matters: maintenance. Don't waste your energy trying to make sense of old and complex modules anymore.

Create your asset hierarchy.

Define primary and secondary ones.

Identify components and their criticality.

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You didn't realize yet how useful QR Codes would be.

QR Codes will take your maintenance to the next level. Automatically create codes that identify all your assets, locations, and warehouse materials. Point your smartphone camera and check open work orders and other activities performed over time.

You won't need to text or call to check on machine condition.

You and your team will be in touch through the platform. With tagging, image uploads, and documentation, you won't lose information and will avoid getting that text at the end of the workday or on the weekend.

Integrate with the tools you already use.

Monitor your operation through an all-in-one industrial workspace. Leave complex and incomplete platforms in the past.

Integration and automation with the main ERP.

Count on our team of experts to integrate with your work tools.

Open API with safe data migration.

TRACTIAN IoT sensors linked with your asset management

TRACTIAN is the favorite CMMS and OEE solution according to Capterra ranking

The world's largest software evaluation and research organization recognizes TRACTIAN as one of the best solutions in the CMMS, OEE, and EAM categories.

It has never been easier to upgrade your maintenance.

Our experts are ready to help and answer your questions.

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