Revolutionize your asset management with the best CMMS on the market

Automate processes and work orders and have full control over your assets with TracOSâ„¢, TRACTIAN's maintenance software.

Montagem com telas do softwar CMMS da Tractian
Tela CMMS Tractian

Keep the production line at the highest level

No matter how many assets you have, TracOSâ„¢ makes them all fit in your pocket. Here, you manage your machines with agility, precision and efficiency, running away from the oversights that lead to stoppages and losses in production.

Create maintenance plans and procedures

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual processes. With TracOSâ„¢, you centralize your team's routine through the platform, automate preventive measures and create online procedures to organize checklists and inspections.

Tela CMMS Tractian
Tela CMMS Tractian

Track your Work Orders and monitor their status

Create, customize and automate Service Orders complete with assignees, attachments, categories and comments. Track activity status in real time and get notified with every new update.

Share messages, photos and documents

Communicate in real time with your team through Service Orders. Send images, links and attachments in the comments field of each OS to guide the responsible employee and ensure more agility in the process.

Tela CMMS Tractian

Access the entire asset history via QR Code reading

View all information about an asset within seconds by scanning QR Code. Just point your cell phone's camera at the code – which can be generated by the platform and pasted to the machine – and access the asset's page.

For the maintenance of all industries, companies and businesses.

The most complete and best-rated CMMS on the market

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Named the preferred solution in the CMMS, OEE and EAM categories in the Capterra 2021 ranking

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"With Tractian, we optimize the operation, reduce costs with early failures and have more visibility into the machines. Maintenance software is a great tool for monitoring and managing critical assets here in the company."


Leandro Lage

Maintenance Coordinator at Embraer

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"Dynamic company on the rise in the market. Provides a software with a modern and interactive interface, extremely useful for day-to-day fault management in progress."


Denis Mortelari

Director at SQL Brazil