Energy Trac

Eliminate electrical and mechanical failures and have full control over your operation's energy consumption.

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smart sensor to track energy issues

Intelligent Energy Sensor

Accurate and constant data

Access valuable information about the energy quality of your operation and view power grid indicators in real time.


Detect electrical failures and monitor energy consumption

Power grid health

Monitor assets through the platform in real time

Automatic calculation of energy indicators

Visualize and control the operating window

Monitor the main magnitudes

Three-phase Current and Voltage

Active and Reactive Power

Power Factor

Efficient energy consumption

Understand consumption patterns clearly

Know which energy tariffs and flags suit you

Reduce your energy bill with the calculation of real consumption


The most advanced IoT technology to connect you to your assets

Non-invasive measurement technology

Installation in up to 10 minutes

Measurement up to 5000A and 480V between phases

3G/4G connection: no Wi-Fi required

Monitored assets

Smart meter for all types of assets

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

Identify problems directly in the asset's power structure, detecting them right at installation.



Find failures in the electrical network that cause equipment to burn out.

Frequency inverter

Frequency inverter

Identify friction in joints and failures in servo motors and flywheels.



Detect overload signals and current peaks.



Analyze furnace efficiency and possible power grid problems.



Avoid direct starting problems and low power factor.



Find out about variations in the electrical network that can cause shutdowns.



Identify cooling failures and efficiency loss in the power spectrum.

Low-Rotation Engines

Low-Rotation Engines

Understand the behavior of assets in transient systems.

Understand consumption patterns, improve productivity, and avoid fines

sensor energy trac

24h monitoring

Follow all current, voltage, power, and consumption data at any time of the day.


Alerts and Instructions

Receive notifications and instructions at the slightest sign of electrical or mechanical failure.


Electrical Indicators

Get easy access to the main indicators and analysis of the energy quality and efficiency of the operation.

Your company deserves what's best

Say goodbye to overheating components, voltage drops, and high energy bills.

energy trac online platform system

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