Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Online Monitoring System or the TRACTIAN Maintenance Management Software? Check here.

questions about the online monitoring system

Smart Trac Sensor

What assets can be monitored with the sensor?

How is vibration collected?

How are the sensors installed? Do I need cabling, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any special infrastructure?

I have a lot of external vibration near the equipment I want to monitor. How will the system differentiate external noise from machine vibration?

Do I need to parameterize some machine information in the TRACTIAN system or is it automatic?

Does the sensor have any protection index?

How does automatic fault detection work?

Do I have access to all the data collected by the sensors? Can I export it?

What is the maximum and minimum temperature that the sensor supports?

What is the sampling frequency of the collections made by the sensor?

What failure modes can the system detect?

How do the TRACTIAN system failure notifications work?

What are the sensor's and system's limitations?

How can I improve the accuracy of the models?


What is TracOS™- CMMS by TRACTIAN?

Can I use TracOS™on any computer or device?

Is there a limit to the amount of data or information I can store in TracOS™?

What does the TracOS™ contract model look like?

Are there any additional, hidden or surprise costs beyond the monthly contracted plan price?

Can TracOS™ integrate with other softwares?

And does it integrate with market ERPs?

In my team I have different roles at different levels, is it possible to control and configure what each one does?

Can I record, query and view the maintenance history individually by asset?

How many assets can be included in the software?

Can I add files and/or images to my assets, work orders and plans?