Complete Platform for Online Asset Monitoring

Improve asset performance and optimize trading with the most complete online monitoring platform on the market.

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Have full visibility and control over your assets

Asset overview

Use the platform overview to keep track of all monitored equipment, the latest events and key maintenance indicators.

Complete check-up

Predictive maintenance

Automatic insights

Compare assets

A new way to maintain

Accurate and automatic diagnostics on your equipment.

Available 24h, no bureaucracy and no headaches.

Easy and convenient sensor to install, no setup cost.

Forget about inspection routes and monthly analysis, now you have it all online.

All data available in real-time for you to access on any device.

Improve key maintenance indicators

With TRACTIAN's Predictive System you can optimize your maintenance, reducing costs and unexpected breakdowns, and increasing the uptime of your assets.

60 %

Reduce by up to 60% maintenance costs

50 %

Increases by up to 50% your machine's uptime

55 %

Reduce by up to 55% number of unexpected breaks

Who already uses and recommends it

See how AmstedMaxion optimized their maintenance using the TRACTIAN system

Change your maintenance now with the best online monitoring system