For companies of all sizes

Acessible, easy and complete.


Forget unplanned downtime and sleepless nights

Increase the availability and reliability of your machines, avoid large losses of money and receive a diagnosis of the condition of your assets in seconds.


Be in control of your machines and reduce maintenance costs.

Check all events and possible failures in real time. Save money on maintenance and learn more about your operation.

Forget the long weeks of implementation

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1. Choose the spots that you want to monitor

2. Receive a box with our sensors

3. Attach to the machines

4. Thats it! Your machines are now safe

Pay for the number of spots monitored

Forget plans with limited features and high setup costs. With TRACTIAN, you pay only for the number of spots monitored. Our Plug & Play service facilitates the implementation of prescriptive, predictive and preventive maintenance. For an affordable monthly fee, use our IoT sensor to collect equipment data + a complete smart platform for maintenance and asset management.


Minimum 2 weeks Setup

High cost sensors

Platform doesn`t learn

Limited Users

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Just attach the sensor

Pay only for the service

Platform learns every day

Unlimited Users

For companies of all sizes

Say goodbye to the old way, monitor your machines with TRACTIAN