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monitoring your assets

Keep the production line running at the highest level!

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  • Asset Management and Alerts

    Use the overview page to keep track of all monitored spots and the latest events with your assets.

  • Machine Status

    Find out exactly what happens to your machine in one place and manage all your maintenance routines.

  • Automated Insigths

    Our platform learns your machine's fingerprint and generates automated insights so you can act on time before your machine stops.

Reduce up to 60% the maintenance cost

Increase your machines uptime by 50%

Reduce the number of unexpected breakdowns by up to 55%

Full Machine Check-up

Our platform can get you to the best of predictive maintenance that exists today. Access all the analytics and spectrum of your equipment, see the reliability and availability of your assets in a simple interface, receive insights and alerts via Email or WhatsApp, request work orders from the right people and monitor all your machines in one place.

Receive insights and alerts via WhatsApp and Email and get the status of your machine in real time.

Check alarms simply and quickly, without wasting time or effort with hand-made analysis. Our platform does everything for you and keeps you updated about your machine status.