Preventive Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

With TracOS™ Enterprise, you automate maintenance routines with Artificial Intelligence, saving time and resources with full predictability..


Risky, Reactive Maintenance Equals Lost Time and Profits

Even with recurring and strategic preventive routes, your maintenance sector may be spending much more than it should.

With TRACTIAN patented Artificial Intelligence, you reduce unnecessary preventive and unplanned reactive maintenance, increasing proactive maintenance strategies, focused on identifying the root cause of problems.

Visual Management and Strategy Automation

In order to maximize activity control, TracOS™ Enterprise divides preventive actions into two strategies. Both aim to improve operational results by understanding assets in depth.

Smart Calendars and Programming

Eliminate scheduling errors and avoid forgetting important tasks. In TracOS™, you schedule tasks at AI-recommended time intervals, ensuring that each asset is taken care of without overdoing it or falling short.

When planning work orders and plans, you distribute activities according to the hours required for each task and the time available. You can also analyze the priority and whether you need to allocate more technicians.

The logic is similar to SAP's maintenance order scheduling, which can be integrated with TracOS™ to make planning even easier.

Learn more about the integration between TracOS™ and other ERPs >

Condition-based Maintenance

When it comes to critical assets, strictly following the manufacturer's manual or a predetermined periodicity may not be the best call.

With TracOS™, you associate preventive plans based on the machine's current condition and set threshold parameters according to your production strategy.

Each piece of equipment has specific needs, which vary according to time and the context it's in. Measurement data is used to adjust preventive actions to the actual equipment's condition, avoiding untimely maintenance and reducing costs.


Manage Your Manual Measurements Online

Through the measurements collected on the ground, you input the information into the platform. All data is processed by algorithms that automate and optimize preventive plans.

For example: when measuring the pressure of a pump, the data will be used to determine the threshold parameter for intervention. When it reaches this limit, TracOS™ generates a Work Order so that the intervention is carried out before faults happen.


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