Geolocation and NFC: Your Maintenance on the Right Track

Precise location, efficient management. Find bottlenecks in your team's activities and schedule maintenance more assertively, aiming for maximum productivity.


Mobility on Factory Floors

TracOS™ is the only maintenance software that combines NFC and GPS technologies to track and register routes in real time. Artificial Intelligence can then analyze the data and consider the different path possibilities for every task, and define optimized routes for each Work Order.

Maintenance Managers have a dedicated overview on the time each activity took and the journeys made. This ensures a clear understanding of tasks, identification of bottlenecks and improvements on maintenance plans.

These mobility features create a unique digital ecosystem inside TRACTIAN app, which integrates technicians, programmers, and managers from end to end, regardless of the size of the facility.

When It Comes to Maintenance,
Every Minute Counts

Excessive time spent on maintenance leads to severe losses in industries, and that goes beyond wasted resources.

Only TracOS™ has Artificial Intelligence tools designed for maximum optimization of maintenance teams' time and efforts.


Performer's Stopwatch

When beginning a new Work Order, the technician must start the Performer's Stopwatch. That way, the exact time invested in the activity is accounted for and saved on the platform for managers to analyze.

Combining the Stopwatch and Geolocation tools, the system ensures that the technician is in the right place at the right time, and the activity is being performed efficiently, eliminating errors and inaccurate time records.

Maintenance planners or schedulers are able to view all technicians’ time records, accurately analyzing staff performance and efficiency, as well as identifying bottlenecks and maintenance plan improvement possibilities.

Geolocation of Routes

Whether outdoors or indoors, all routes are tracked and recorded through a combination of GPS and NFC technologies, ensuring a clear understanding of the paths taken by technicians during maintenance activities.

With the data gathered from tracking technicians and plant information inserted in the platform, such as the location of the assets, AI is able to define the most efficient routes for each type of activity, avoiding unnecessary journeys.


The platform is one of a kind, there's nothing like it on the market. With everything it offers, how it integrates to our maintenance processes in a simple and practical way, it guarantees good results.

Leandro Lage

Maintenance and Infrastructure Engineer


A Maintenance Productivity GPS, At Your Fingertips.

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