Smart Sensor for Condition Monitoring

Take your shop floor to the next level with the most advanced IoT technology. TRACTIAN solution keeps you up to date on your machines' condition, automatically and remotely.

Sensor tractian

3-minute Setup

With its plug & play technology, our solution has the fastest setup on the market. The LTE/4G connectivity allows you to monitor machines remotely and in real-time.

Sensor tractian
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Detect Early-Stage Failures

TRACTIAN patented algorithms analyze vibration and temperature in real time and detect any behavioral changes assertively. This way, maintenance teams are able to plan inteventions smoothly and minimize unexpected breakdowns.

Discover Why People Consistently Choose TRACTIAN


Exclusive Patented Fault Diagnosis Capability

Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis

Cloud-based Software

Historical Trend Analysis

Condition-based Maintenance

Work Order Automation and Maintenance Scheduling

Mechanical with Electrical Monitoring Combined

Analysis of Machine Performance Compared to Your Competitors

Mobile network connectivity included with no industrial WiFi required


*Offered only once a day

How it Works

vibration analysis tractian platform


Triaxial vibration up to 32Khz, high resolution vibration spectrum and full waveform every 5 minutes

temperature analysis tractian platform


Surface temperature sampling up to 90°C and automatic trend deviation detection

hour meter analysis tractian platform

Hour meter

From the vibration levels of your equipment, our sensors automatically calculate the total hours of operation.


No more unexpected breaks

No more wasting time with complex and failing implementations of sensors.

icon 3 year battery life

3 year battery life

icon 3G/4G connection via receiver included

3G/4G connection via receiver included

icon Identifies machine operating pattern

Identifies machine operating pattern

icon IP69K protection for high pressure water jets

IP69K protection for high pressure water jets

icon Instant setup via QR Code and mobile App

Instant setup via QR Code and mobile App

One solution for your entire maintenance operation

Assets Overview

Assets Overview

Follow your machine's health anytime

∙ Automatic Status Detection per Asset
∙ Total time per State calculated in real time
∙ Latest Insights, Insight Status and automatic alarm criticality level

Prescriptive Insights

Spectral Analysis Tool

Virtual Blueprint for Supervisors

Predictive Analysis Report

Compatible with over 30 asset categories


Unbalance, misalignment and resonance failures can be identified.

For all industries in all sectors

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From monthly predictives to real-time collections: how AmstedMaxion increased reliability with online monitoring

Smart Trac Technical Specifications

Smart Trac Technical Specifications


From 1Hz to 32000 Hz

Up to 16g

Up to 100 mm/sRMS

Temperature measurement
From 14°F to 194°F

FFT Resolution
4096 lines(per axis)

Typical configuration
Collects every 5 minutes

Sample duration
1kHz(8s), 2kHz(4s), 4kHz(2s), 8kHz(1s), 16kHz(0,5s), 32kHz(0,25s)

Wireless Communication

2.4GHz ISM

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Bands Communication
14 frequency channels, dynamically chosen

From 30 to 50m radius between sensor and receiver, depending on plant topology

Physical Characteristics


155g(sensor) and 20g(base)

External Material Building
Lexan Polycarbonate

By welding, resin or drilling

Suitable for installation in high humidity areas

Electronic Encapsulation
100% Resin encapsulation


Sensor to receiver communication
Encrypted AES(128 bits)


Environmental Characteristics

IP Rating

Operation Temperature
From 14°F to 194°F

Hazardous Area Rating
Zone 1 and 2 (gas), Zone 0, 1 and 2 (dust)

Power Source

Non-replaceable lithium battery

Tipic LifeTime
Up to 3years(configuration dependent)

Adversely Factors Affecting Battery Life
Temperature,Transmission range and sample configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for me to get insights and alarms from my machine?

After 10 days, our sensor learns the fingerprint of your machine and insights start to be sent to the person responsible for the machine.

Do I need some IT infrastructure for the sensors?

Do I need to monitor more than one spot on the same machine?

How do I access the information about my machine?

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