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Vibration Sensor for effective Condition Monitoring

Predictive maintenance powered by machine learning: meet TRACTIAN advanced vibration, temperature and hour meter sensor. Have accurate data about machine condition in real time to make assertive decisions.


Accurate vibration and temperature analysis, assured hardware quality

Receive notifications that make your routine easier and put you one step ahead in productivity.

Antecipate failures in real time

Execute assertive preventive plans

3 Year Battery Lifespan

4G/LTE mobile network connectivity

Evolve from the simple Accelerometer: IoT Sensor for Reliable Machines

Smart Trac uses machine history data from your assets and from our database making it possible to identify 100+ failure modes/types with high assertiveness, such as:

Gear failures





And others

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real time monitoring

Cut more than 20% of maintenance costs

With our machine health monitoring system you’ll be able to predict breakdowns, unplanned equipment downtime and other malfunctions with a complete diagnosis of your machines.

Users have access to information on machine condition 24/7.

Get to know the AI-powered insights

Discover Why People Consistently Choose TRACTIAN


Exclusive Patented Fault Diagnosis Capability

Full Spectrum Vibration Analysis

Cloud-based Software

Historical trend Analysis

Condition-based Maintenance

Work Order Automation and Maintenance Scheduling

Combined Mechanical with Electrical Monitoring

No additional user fees


Your team always alert and ready for action

Every time Smart Trac detects a failure, our platform automatically sends a notification to the responsible team and generates a Work Order. After that, you can easily repair the asset based on our analysis and specifications.

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