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Asset Management and Condition Monitoring in one place, in the palm of your hand

Your machines and work orders now fit in your pocket. Follow the routine of your equipment and employees remotely through the TRACTIAN App!

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Your industry deserves the latest in maintenance management


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Only with the TRACTIAN App, you:

Create a Work Order in less than 1 minute

It's faster than sending a text! Fill out the fields according to your needs and follow the entire process of the activity, being notified at every change in status.

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Send photos, documents, links and messages to the whole team

Centralize your team's communication! You can use the TRACTIAN App to send and receive files, photos, and messages - which in turn are saved on the pages of your respective work orders.

Receive notifications at the slightest sign of failure

Check the health of your machines remotely and receive efficient notifications that keep you up-to-date with what is happening with your assets and help you define better maintenance strategies.

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Access the asset's history just by pointing the camera at the QR Code

Just point the camera of your cell phone or tablet at the QR Code of the equipment and you will have access to the entire history of that asset in the app, being able to add metrics, procedures, attachments, and create WO's for it.

Ready to have even more control over your machines?

Leave downtime and maintenance management chaos in the past. TRACTIAN has the solution for the present and the future of your industry!


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