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Up to 18x return on investment

TRACTIAN customers have one thing in common: they were all surprised by the payback in less than 4 months.

Be the decision maker
or the one who will transform the company by presenting the solution to your manager. This page shows why investing in intelligent maintenance is the best alternative.

Maintainers Tractian

Speed of return is just as important as a high ROI.

TRACTIAN customers take between 2 and 4 months to have the first major failure avoided and save much more than the amount invested.

Assets Chart ROI Tractian

Analysis based on the cost reports of more than 400 customers, with varied industrial plants spread around the world.

Time and number of devices are inversely proportional. The more critical assets monitored, the more serious failures will be identified early, and the greater the financial return.

The numbers are proven by actual reports from our customers.

Saving more than

$ 800k

International Candy Producer

Saving more than

$ 200k

Global Fertilizer Industry

Saving more than

$ 1 million

World Reference in Aluminum Production

Saving more than

$ 400k

America's largest paper producer

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Direct Impact on All Maintenance

The areas of Production, Finance and Labor Safety are also directly benefited by the implementation of the TRACTIAN system.

Direct Returns


Decrease in Preventive Costs


Less Machine Downtime


Decrease in Technicians' Overtime


Reduction in Scrap Costs

Indirect Return

More Production Predictability

Greater Production Control

Increased Operational Security

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How Can Maintenance Be Profitable?

Failures and unexpected breakdowns are the main causes of large maintenance expenses. By assigning more control and visibility to machines, you can zero out unnecessary expenses and optimize the team's efforts.

The boost in asset reliability at Embraer tractian

1006% return on investment

One of the largest aerospace companies in the world, Embraer has saved an average of $ 770,000.00 per year avoiding major failures with TRACTIAN condition monitoring system.

How do you convince the decision maker?
We have the definitive step-by-step!

It's normal for an investment, at the beginning, to be mistaken for a cost: and this is where the champion's (i.e. you) argumentation skills come into play.

From the data shown above, you can select the most interesting for your company and show it to the manager, or even send them this whole page. It is fundamental, for decision making, that the data be reliable and show that the return on investment is certain.
As good as showing graphs and numbers is to present the manager with real cases, it's even better if they're from companies in the same sector as yours. Identification is a very important step to decide on an investment, because it gives more confidence to the proposal.
As we said, the decision maker doesn’t want to spend money for nothing. Aside from gathering data and success cases that prove the return on investment, try to anticipate the questions and counter-arguments that your boss will use, and be prepared to answer them in the best way.

It's Time to be Surprised by Your Return on Investment

(with no more unexpected breakdowns)


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