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Meet our ROI calculators: powerful tools capable of delivering valuable insights into your operation. Find out for free where your process bottlenecks are and how you can reduce maintenance costs.


Online Condition Monitoring

How much does the lack of vibration and temperature sensors cost your industry today?

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Asset Management

How much can you save by improving the operational efficiency of your industry

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We're constantly expanding our condition monitoring to cover more equipment. This will allow us to generate more insights, which will give us more opportunities to prevent serious problems and achieve better results.

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Maintenance Specialist

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Data-driven Decisions: Why Use ROI Calculators for Industries?

The downtime of a critical asset or inefficient time spent by the maintenance team can be very costly to the budget of a business, be it large, medium or small.

That's why it's important to know how much these hours cost your company, and also how much you can save with automated maintenance monitoring and management solutions. Both tools are free and provide valuable insights on how to optimize productivity and reduce operating costs.

Efficient Maintenance Management Can Bring More ROI to Your Industry

Centralizing your maintenance management can provide valuable insights into potential problems and failures before they even happen.

Meet TracOS™, the TRACTIAN asset management and mobile EAM designed to truly provide the best tools for your business.

  • - Plan 100% of your maintenance activities
  • - Have access to key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • - We guarantee the storage of all historical information.
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How Can Anticipating Failures Help Your Industry Cut Costs?

By using Smart Trac, the TRACTIAN vibration sensor, your maintenance team can benefit from essential information about machine performance, enabling action to be taken before more serious incidents happen.

  • - Increase operational reliability
  • - Reduce preventative costs
  • - Get maximum return on investment
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Up to 18x return on investment

TRACTIAN's customers have one thing in common: they were all surprised by the payback in less than 4 months.

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