TRACTIAN Receives SAP Certification and Arrives at SAP® Store

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TRACTIAN is proud to announce that our Maintenance Management Software has been officially certified by SAP. It’s now available in the SAP® Store, which is the online store for SAP products and its partners. TracOS™ is fully integrated with SAP, so all actions performed within the system are automatically mirrored in the SAP ERP, ensuring greater mobility, agility, and efficiency for field teams.

The SAP certification is proof of our commitment to integrate and simplify all stages of the maintenance teams’ process. It is a significant achievement for the success of our customers, who no longer need to choose between one or the other. Now they have the best of both SAP and TRACTIAN united in one place.” – Igor Marinelli, Co-CEO of TRACTIAN.

TRACTIAN Maintenance Management Software is a complete and integrated solution that combines mobility, automation, and control in a single system. Some of the main advantages of the product include:

Instant Creation of Notifications

With the integrated system, you can create maintenance notifications and work orders manually or via QR Code in the TRACTIAN system, and they’re automatically mirrored in SAP. Whether through desktop or the mobile app, your team saves time and effort with the smooth navigation and mobility of TracOS™.


Streamline Work Order Creation and Management

Create Maintenance Orders or Work Orders in seconds. Whether manually or by scanning QR codes, our app gives your maintenance management complete mobility and makes creating and updating work orders that much easier. The user-friendly interface of TracOS™ also mirrors all of that data in SAP.


Optimized and Predictable Asset Management

Manage equipment, create and assign work orders, and monitor the team’s routine in a single system with a seamless interface and intuitive app. Have key maintenance documents and records at your fingertips, all in one place.


Inventory Control and Purchase Orders

Ensure the availability of items whenever needed, avoiding maintenance delays and unnecessary purchases. Have full control of inventory and purchase requisitions, easily and efficiently accessing orders and the log of activities.


Preventive Plans and Smart Calendar

Schedule comprehensive maintenance plans and recurring work orders automatically or manually, with customized criteria. Define time intervals, equipment conditions, metrics, and other parameters, ensuring more predictability and saving time and resources.


Comprehensive Indicators and Reports

Access comprehensive indicators and reports, automatically generated by Artificial Intelligence, and obtain accurate information about your projects and assets. Through detailed dashboards and graphs, monitor real-time operational performance, identify improvements, and make data-driven decisions.


  • Integration with IoT vibration and energy sensors: Have a seamless flow of Maintenance Software and equipment data collection through TRACTIAN IoT vibration and energy sensors. The integrated system keeps you informed about asset conditions and potential failures through prescriptive alerts and diagnostics, automatically generating work orders before they affect operations.

SAP Recognition: Security, Rigorous Testing, and Satisfactory Results

Integration with SAP ensures that information will be synchronized automatically, avoiding duplicate records and providing greater control and visibility of maintenance operations in real time.

By adopting the TracOS™ system combined with SAP, companies have access to a complete set of modern tools and necessary information for cutting-edge maintenance management. The results of this are significant cost reduction, as well as time and productivity gains.

With just one comprehensive system, users have all the necessary features to optimize their processes, centralizing them in a single fluid, intuitive, and customizable interface.

We’re dedicated to understanding the nuances of your routine to identify key requirements – and will work closely with you to integrate TracOS™ into your entire operation.

Using a rigorous methodology, we jointly develop a detailed blueprint of your processes and how they’ll be structured in the system. This collaborative approach allows us to perfectly align the software with your operational needs, ensuring that each step is integrated and optimized.

The integration between TracOS™ Enterprise and SAP is achieved through an open API and an exclusive connector developed by TRACTIAN. Our team of experts keeps constant contact with your IT department to ensure a coordinated and transparent process from day one.

The SAP certification awarded to TRACTIAN highlights our position in the partner ecosystem, with additional security, thorough testing, and benchmark measurements. This allows us to continue to assist our customers in becoming intelligent and well-managed companies, delivering value and achieving desired results with reliability and agility. This is how Artificial Intelligence becomes a quarterback for your maintenance.


TRACTIAN offers advanced maintenance and asset management solutions. With smart sensors and an Artificial Intelligence platform, TRACTIAN empowers companies to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance-related costs.

Learn more about TRACTIAN technology here

Through cutting-edge, patented technology, TRACTIAN enables maintenance teams to make more informed decisions, maximize asset lifespan, and minimize downtime. With a continuous commitment to innovation and excellence, the company is transforming the way businesses manage and maintain their assets, driving superior results and operational success.

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