• TRACTIAN Raises $3.2 Million Round to Reshape Predictive Maintenance

    Letter From the Founders, Igor and Gabriel These past 18 months have been an incredible ride. Today we are happy to share with the world (and especially you reading this)..
  • Eye on Failures: Tiago Junqueira from AmstedMaxion

    Get to know the story of Tiago Junqueira and how our platform helps the maintenance routine of him and his team at AmstedMaxion.
  • Eye on Failures: Emerson from Master Brakes

    Eye On Failures is a series of articles about the stories of maintainers who have benefited from our platform and have been spared from sudden breaks.
  • The Power of Machine Vibration Analysis

    Vibration analysis aims to analyze variations in machine vibrations. The information obtained is fundamental, as it allows knowing the state of the equipment. Based on this, TRACTIAN has made a complete guide to assist in the maintenance of equipment.
  • Maintenance Heroes: Adriana Lacerda of Azul Airlaines

    Get to know the trajectory of Adriana Lacerda, General Manager of Line Maintenance Operations at Azul Linhas Aéreas, who is a Maintenance Heroine.
  • Reliability Curve, Understand the Behavior of a Machine

    Among suppliers and resellers, equipment breaks down all the time, and this generates exorbitant maintenance costs and even terminations of millionaire contracts. Most of the time, these failures happen as..