AI-assisted Maintenance for Chemical Industries

AI-assisted Maintenance for Chemical Industries

The world's largest chemical companies are turning their maintenance sectors into benchmarks of efficiency and profitability through Artificial Intelligence.

Average ROI


Average Payback

23 days

Availability Increase

112 hours

Monitored Assets per Factory


Results Proven by Real Data From Our Customers


Less Preventive Maintenance Costs


Reduction in Lost Profits


Less Downtime


Less Overtime

Yara International and TRACTIAN

See how the world's largest fertilizer company made the most of our sensors and Artificial Intelligence to transform its maintenance sector into a high-performance, high-profit standard.

141 failures

avoided in 1 year

$ 12,000

in average savings per failure

$ 1.6 million

total savings

If we're not monitoring our assets in real time, we lose a lot of important operational information. Fortunately, TRACTIAN keeps track of everything for us. We can't imagine working without this tool anymore.

Gustavo Nazar

Maintenance Analyst

Yara International

Asset Monitoring in Corrosive Environments

Average savings of

$ 172,000/month

with condition monitoring on hard-to-reach machines

More info about ROI

Early Fault Detection with an Average of $ 36,000 in Savings per Failure

Main Critical Assets Monitored byTRACTIAN

Main Critical Assets Monitored by<span class='text-blue-600'>TRACTIAN</span>

Most Common Failures

Most Common Failures

Here is the percentage of failures per assets monitored by TRACTIAN from clients of this sector

reality of maintenance at chemical industry

Technology That Drives Results

The sensor positioned in the exhaust fan's bearing identified the unbalance. Based on this information, the team took appropriate and timely action, avoiding 24 hours of unplanned production downtime.

More On Insights and Diagnostics

Preventing Faults in Restricted Locations

Blowers are very critical to this particular operation. Downtime directly impacts the loading of trucks, and that can cause issues in daily production.

This asset is in a restricted access location and online condition monitoring prevented an unexpected breakdown and ensured daily production standards were met.

Foreseeable and Automatic Maintenance Planning and Control


Plan your maintenance and have visibility of all preventive plans through the Calendar feature.

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Discover Ways to Automate Your Maintenance and Identify Bottlenecks with TracOS™ Artificial Intelligence

Discover Ways to Automate Your Maintenance and Identify Bottlenecks with TracOS™ Artificial Intelligence

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