Prescriptive Maintenance for Mining Companies

Prescriptive Maintenance for Mining Companies

Average ROI


Average Payback

10 days

Availability Increase

30 hours

Monitored Assets per Plant



One of the World's Most Influential Industry Sectors

United States Mining in Numbers

$ 700 billion

Directly impacts US economy annually

$ 40 billion

will be invested in mining by 2026

70 + types

of minerals are supplied by mining companies

3% of US GDP

is directly affected by mining

Data drawn from the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration.

With TRACTIAN, Mining Companies Can Go Even Further

Direct Returns

+ 1300

Critical Failures Identified


Estimated ROI

Indirect Returns

Higher Production Predictability

More Production Control

Increase in Operational Safety

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Maintenance: A Strategic Sector for Mining Companies

Maintenance expenses in the mining sector amount to up to 50% of all operating costs.

That is why it's essential to improve machine reliability and encourage the implementation of cutting-edge technology on maintenance processes.


Carelessness with maintenance can lead to huge costs in repairs and reactive maintenance, and machine replacement, not to mention possible legal and environmental damages.

Safety First with TRACTIAN AI-assisted Maintenance

Avoid unnecessary employee exposure with remote, real-time predictive maintenance. The use of mobile-first technology and Artificial Intelligence in the maintenance of your assets is an option for increased safety and reliability.


X-Ray: TRACTIAN Clients in the Mining Sector

Most Common Failures


Main Critical Assets Monitored by TRACTIAN

critical-assets-monitoredLearn about the Monitored Assets

CSN: A Predictive Failure Insight Generated $ 260 Thousand in Savings

Because of lack of lubrication on a LOA bearing, a temperature increase alert was generated. Based on this insight, CSN's maintenance team carried out the appropriate predictive repairs, generating savings of $ 260 thousand.


Get Mobile-first, Real-time Data on Your Machines

At a TRACTIAN client's mining site, a mechanical looseness failure was detected on a pump bearing. A work order was then immediately issued to change the component, and that avoided unplanned machine downtime.

At another of our mining sector clients, wear was detected on an electric motor bearing, and once again a work order was issued to replace the component. In less than one hour, the problem was solved and the operation was not negatively impacted in any way.

Only TRACTIAN offers an asset monitoring and management system integrated to your ERP, combining Artificial Intelligence with the tools you already use on a daily basis.

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Early Detection and Average Savings of $22 Thousand per Avoided Failure


Monitor assets and have control of the entire factory site through the floorplans system.

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Monitor Low-rotation Assets with Artificial Intelligence

Count on Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technology for constant control of your low-rotation assets.