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Honoring Our Veterans: The Backbone of American Industry

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At TRACTIAN, we owe our success to and share pillar values with the remarkable individuals who have served our nation with unwavering commitment. As Veterans Day approaches, we take a moment to reflect on the profound impact that veterans have had on our company, our industry, and the nation as a whole.

Their influence goes far beyond the uniform; it permeates every aspect of our operations. The core values of American veterans – being mission-driven, disciplined, dedicated, and resilient – deeply resonate with the bedrock principles of TRACTIAN. This alignment isn’t just coincidental; it’s a deliberate recognition of the unique skills and ethos that veterans bring to the table.

Veterans at the Service of US Maintenance and Manufacturing

In an industry driven by precision and reliability, we recognize that the qualities instilled in our veterans are not just admirable, but essential. It’s no coincidence that veterans have a significant presence in the maintenance and manufacturing workforce, comprising nearly 7.4% of the total sector according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These numbers tell a story of skilled professionals who bring more than just technical expertise to industrial operations.

US veterans in maintenance and manufacturing

Maintenance and manufacturing workers – including plant managers, maintenance managers, maintenance technicians, reliability engineers, and so many others – have their own set of duties when it comes to the shop floor. Among them are preventing machines from breaking down unexpectedly, predicting unplanned downtime, managing and scheduling interventions, and making sure all details are in place so that operations run smoothly. This is the foundation of the industry that sustains and moves the American economy.

The transition from military service to a career in maintenance and manufacturing is often seamless. The very qualities that define successful military personnel – attention to detail, the ability to adapt to dynamic environments, and a resolute commitment to excellence – are the same qualities that define success in our industry.

Beyond the numbers, it’s the intangible qualities that truly set veterans apart in this field. Their ability to perform under pressure, their innate sense of duty, and their capacity for teamwork make them indispensable assets to any manufacturing or maintenance team. In an industry where every minute counts, having individuals who are not only skilled but also accustomed to operating in high-stakes environments can make all the difference.

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we not only honor the sacrifices and service of our veterans, but we also recognize their invaluable contributions to the maintenance and manufacturing community. Their presence is felt in every meticulously maintained piece of machinery, in every efficiently managed facility, and in the uninterrupted operations that keep the wheels of industry in motion. It is through their dedication and expertise that the American maintenance and manufacturing sector continues to thrive and lead on the global stage.

A Natural Transition

For veterans like David Lee and Vincent Meyers, joining the TRACTIAN team was a natural progression. Their military backgrounds have seamlessly translated into the precision and reliability demanded by our field.

David Lee, Director at TRACTIAN and Former Captain O-3, USMC & MIANG, is a living testament to the invaluable contributions veterans make to our company. His military background has enriched our team with a perspective forged in the crucible of real-world challenges.

“My time in the USMC taught me the power of teamwork and precision. Today, in my role here, I use those same principles to ensure our projects are executed flawlessly. It’s an honor to bring that military ethos into the civilian workforce and contribute to our team’s success.”

Vincent Meyers, our very own Applications Engineer and Former Submarine Warfare, ETN Chief Engineer, has brought a wealth of experience and a spirit of adaptability to our team. His background in the military has not only prepared him for the challenges of the manufacturing sector but has also infused him with a relentless pursuit of excellence.

“My military background has equipped me with skills like teamwork, real-time analysis, and quick decision-making. Transitioning from the military to the industrial sector showcases my adaptability and determination. TRACTIAN solutions reflect the precision and vigilance I honed during my service.”

Veterans in the workforce

Empowering Veterans in Industry

As Veterans Day approaches, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who have served, and we reaffirm our commitment to providing opportunities for veterans to thrive in the maintenance and manufacturing sectors.

“Our vision at TRACTIAN is to empower industrial workers, the backbone of our economy, with the tools they need to be the best in their field. Veterans bring a wealth of experience and dedication that aligns perfectly with this mission. We’re proud and grateful for all that the military and veteran community have done for this country, and are always looking for ways to support them. We’re committed to not only honoring their service but also providing them with meaningful opportunities to excel.” – Igor Marinelli, co-CEO at TRACTIAN.

Our high-performance, boots on the ground culture is the perfect environment for these individuals to thrive and reach incredible growth. In fact, we’re proud to have a dedicated Veterans-focused Recruiting Program in place, which recognizes the unique skills and dedication veterans bring and also provides them with meaningful opportunities to excel in the maintenance and manufacturing sectors.

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