Maintenance Spreadsheets: free and available for download

Get free spreadsheet templates from TRACTIAN that will help you plan routine actions for maintenance teams in any industry, whether you are a technician or a manager. Just download and start using it!

Available to download
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Energy Management Spreadsheet

Manage consumption, cost, and energy efficiency indicators by controlling tariffs and active, reactive, and demand energy consumption.

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Action Plan

Understand how to set up a maintenance action plan and make management more efficient and error-free, based on data from your operation.

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ABC Curve and Inventory Control

Understand what the priority stock items are, have control over which products are of greatest importance or impact to the industry.

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Priority Matrix (GUT)

Set priorities and analyze activities by severity, urgency, and trend. Improve your maintenance workflow.

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Budget Spreadsheet

Control the budget for parts and services in maintenance, keep track of labor costs, inputs, and services in a single spreadsheet.

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Maintenance Plan Calendar

Plan preventive maintenance, inspection routes, and predictive maintenance data collections through a 52-week calendar.

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