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How Inter Uses Over 800 QR Codes for Asset Management

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Sport Club Internacional, widely known as just Inter, has become one of the largest multi-sport clubs in the world. Founded in 1909, it’s recognized by both its passionate fans and the many trophies it’s won over the years.

Stadiums like Inter’s don’t operate by chance – they take experienced maintenance and reliability teams to keep things up and running. In fact, the maintenance team’s activities never stop; their work happens before, during, and after matches to ensure weekly games can take place and to keep their other facilities operating.

Any issues that arise have the possibility to incur large costs, and can directly impact the club and the attending public. Aside from the matches, the stadium also hosts other attractions like concerts and other performances; this increases their responsibility, making maintenance even more crucial to their operation.

The maintenance team was looking for a system to guarantee that this operation would take place within International’s control and quality standards, and with constant error mitigation. They found TRACTIAN maintenance management software, TracOS™, and knew it was the complete solution they needed.

Project Start

At the end of each year, all the sectors of the club get together with the deliberative council. This is where all reports are presented – in addition to the CAPEX and OPEX – and the new budgets for the coming year are outlined.

Before TRACTIAN, the maintenance team had a difficult time centralizing information, cross-referencing data, and having a clear overview of the inputs and outputs in maintenance, which hindered accountability.

In the very first conversations with the TRACTIAN sales team, the maintenance coordinators found in TracOS™ a feature that would solve just this problem: automatic data, optimized reports and cost control, all in the palm of their hand, integrated in the software.

TracOS™ shown on an iPad

Now that bottlenecks and points of attention can be identified, the team has full accountability and internal control of the maintenance.

QR Codes in the Field: The Maintenance Game Changer

One of the Maintenance Coordinators at Sport Club Internacional has extensive experience in creating and preparing preventive maintenance strategies. He quickly realized they needed maintenance management software because of its ability to streamline routines, minimize errors, and give teams control over the history of services performed.

During the negotiations with TRACTIAN, Inter had already identified the cost-benefit of the solution. They also started utilizing QR codes, one of the unique technologies and advantages of TracOS™.

Using QR codes, maintenance can penetrate the entire plant. This allows the team to be omnipresent, making it possible for anyone in the entire facility to open a request at any time.

a Tractian QR code on Inter's 12th Tower
Tower 12 at Inter’s Stadium

With TracOS™, users can create as many QR codes as they want. You can identify rooms, spaces, equipment, and even warehouse items, which are then hierarchized within the platform. This allows a clear view of the entire plant, from macro to micro.

The use of QR codes piqued the interest of other club employees, and they quickly began to use the tool. In a few weeks they sped up the whole process, leaving the errors of filling out information in the past.

To fill a new request, employees scan the code with their smartphone. The system then fills it in with images and videos, describing the problem. Within minutes, managers can approve it and delegate someone to solve the problem.

TracOS™ shown on a smartphone

Opening New Requests

The arrival of QR codes in the Sport Club Internacional stadium allowed all the facilities to be monitored. This includes the more than 500 air-conditioning units present throughout the space – from the meeting rooms, to the gyms where the professional athletes train. As we all know, air conditioners tend to require a lot of maintenance, even with a well done preventive strategy.

“How do you perform preventive maintenance of air conditioners and avoid emergency corrections with TracOS™? First, maintenance teams should check equipment filters often, preferably every month or according to what the manual indicates. In addition to cleaning, periodic inspections of the internal mechanical and electrical operation must be performed. The best way to perform these inspections is through scheduling, TracOS™ ‘s born functionality. To register a new plan, all you have to do is open the “Plans” tab. Then, choose the date you want the work order created, as well as the responsible parties and the asset in question. Now your preventive tasks will happen without errors, allowing you to save time and avoid emergency corrective maintenance.”

Now, opening calls can be done by any stadium or employee.

Before TracOS™, the scheduling process took time; technicians had to physically meet to gather additional details. Now that isn’t an issue – after seeing its benefits through the stadium, the maintenance team decided to expand the presence of QR Codes throughout the facility.

TracOS™ shown on a computer

Nearly 1,000 QR codes are scattered throughout the space to provide a highly controlled, data-driven environment. Each of these codes holds precious information, like the history of maintenance services performed, as well as work to be done in the future.

Scoreboard: ROI and Ease of Deployment

While talking with TRACTIAN Account Executives, Sport Club Internacional’s maintenance team realized that this was the solution they were looking for; TracOS™ had all of the features they needed and then some, like:

  • ERP Integration
  • Quick software implementation
  • Cost x benefit
  • ROI
  • User-friendly platform
  • Simple processes
  • Usability without difficulty
  • Automatic maintenance indicators
  • Facilitates maintenance routines and teams

With all of their boxes checked, it was an easy decision for Sport Club Internacional to make – TracOS™ outweighed the rest when it came to benefits, features, and usability.

They also noticed how easy it was to monitor whole sectors at once. Now, everyone involved in the process can see the maintenance, costs of services, and the identification of points where resources could be saved.

At the end of the day, the top priority of the Inter maintenance team is to ensure that fans, employees, visitors, and players have a unique experience, with safety, tranquility, and with all the preservation of the patrimony.

A Solution for Industries and Facilities

With TracOS™, the team found exactly what they were looking for. Nowadays, if they need help, the TRACTIAN support team is there 24/7. 

Stadiums aren’t the only place this solution can be applied. TRACTIAN maintenance management software can be used in small, medium, and large industries, as well as facilities structures like retail chains. Check out more TracOS™ features here.

With guaranteed return on investment, other sectors of the economy – industries and facilities – have already seen positive results in asset management with TracOS™, including a 30% reduction in preventive expenses and a 25% reduction in lost profit.

All this and we barely mentioned the indirect returns you’ll see, like greater predictability and increased operational safety. For more on why TracOS™ is the best option, click here.

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