Eye on Failure: TRACTIAN Study Cases

Know more about how maintenance professionals use TRACTIAN end-to-end solution to make their routines easy, reduce operational costs and increase machine reliability.

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Our solution fits your reality. Stop wasting money and start monitoring asset health.

Compressors, Gearboxes and Fans

More than US$120k in savings and a 30% reduction in last minute maintenance occurrences.


Motors and Pumps

More than US$100k in savings and a 60% reduction in last minute maintenance occurrences.

hidraulic pump
assets monitored by tractian

Real-time Condition Monitoring

Every failure presents symptoms, and our IoT sensors don't let any slip by. TRACTIAN technology covers 100+ categories of rotating assets, monitoring machine condition and reducing unplanned downtime.

Software made by the ones who know day-to-day maintenance

Meet TracOS™, TRACTIAN Asset Management software that empowers both production and management. The platform allows you to have automatic work orders, maintenance reports, and important KPIs in just one place.

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