Corteva Agriscience’s new maintenance routine

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The Company

Corteva Agriscience is a multinational company, the result of the merger of Dow Química and DuPont, both agricultural businesses. The company operates in three pillars: seeds, crop protection and digital agriculture, so that producers can maximize their productivity and profitability.

Its purpose is to improve the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring the progress of the next generations. Corteva has a team with decades of experience in the agricultural industry focused on promoting a performance-based culture. In addition, the company is committed to sustainable agricultural practices for the benefit of producers and consumers on a global level.

As part of this strategy, Brazil is a key market. Currently, Corteva has 4,000 researchers, 150 research centers in 25 countries, and is present in six continents. In Paraguay they have an office, and in Brazil they have 25 units, 10 of which are dedicated to research and development of new products to meet the region needs.

A growth history

Fernando Miron Cortes Vicente is a chemical engineer and started his career at the Jacareí (São Paulo) plant, when it was still Dow Química, as a trainee.

He became an improvement engineer and worked in different sectors of the company, such as: reliability and production engineering, which is the position he worked in for the longest time. 

I started my career here and went through the transition from Dow Química to Corteva. From the internship until today, I’ve been in the same plant for 8 and a half years.”

Fernando vicente, chemical engineer.

First contact with TRACTIAN’s solution

Maintenance leader for a year and a half, Fernando says that his unit is not large, but it has a high production capacity.

The production process in the Jacareí plant has slurries with high solid content and fouling characteristics. This requires a good discipline of periodic cleaning to ensure a good performance of the equipment.

Smart Trac sensor of vibration

The company has a predictive contract that performs vibration analysis with a certain frequency, depending on the criticality of the equipment and the failure rate. 

Because the plant operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the stops are not frequent and are always for maintenance or cleaning. Most of the time, even with monthly predictive inspections, some failures or anomalous behaviors were not identified or the team lost the trend, besides the lack of backup for the assets in case of defects.

I found TRACTIAN through a colleague of mine, he gave me the contact information, and I started to keep track of the company. But before TRACTIAN, it was basically that, we had a good preventive and predictive plan, but we still didn’t have online monitoring.”

First insights detected

Although the maintenance team has only been operating with TRACTIAN sensors for a few months, several alerts have already been sent by the platform.

They currently have 10 sensors spread throughout the plant. These assets were chosen based on criticality, that is, the most important machines for Corteva’s production line get monitored.

To learn how to choose the right assets and apply online monitoring.

We made a selection and there were up to 7 or 8 assets that really needed it, but we got 10 sensors in order to observe other equipment that we were curious about.”

Smart Trac

Fernando reports that the industry has some assets that really needed to be monitored by the sensors. Among them, two pumps where the failure rate was very high, with an oscillating vibrational pattern. And a tag exhaust fan: B270, with a fouling issue that unbalances over time, due to the product that sticks to the motor.

We were having a planned shutdown, only a week before the vibration went way up and the sensor picked it up. And the most curious thing is that we did the vibration analysis sample a week before the insight was issued, and if we have waited a month, maybe, we wouldn’t notice it. You notice noise in the area but without the data, there is no way to confirm it.”

For the company, the online monitoring has helped in detecting abnormal vibration before a functional failure or even a breakdown.

The sensor has been useful for decision making, to know whether we stop an operation or not, to see how far back the equipment can operate. But now we have data to know how much of that dirt is affecting the vibration of the equipment.”

In addition to the change in vibration profile, within the same period, the sensor also detected an unbalance and a misalignment. 

Misalignment detected

In this insight generated by the platform, an unbalance in the 1st harmonic (H1) was identified, where the established limit was exceeded. The value of H1 is very high when compared to the historical average of the period. After the alert, a preventive was made and, as shown in the image below, the RMS velocity levels went back below the ISO Critical Zone limit.

RMS speed

The platform also detected a misalignment, which is when the value of Harmonic 2 (H2) is high compared to Harmonic 1. In Corteva’s case, H2 was 30% higher than H1. 

Misalignment detected

Both alerts avoided huge losses. In one of them, the insight issued, managed to avoid a breakdown that could have cost between R$20,000 ($4,000) and R$60,000 ($12,000).

What makes TRACTIAN different from other solutions

For Fernando, having access to vibration, acceleration and speed profiles, and not only to global trends, is one of TRACTIAN’s greatest perks.

One of the platform’s biggest differentials is the accessibility of communication. The insights go straight to your cell phone, so you can answer them and solve the problem right away.

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The engineer also highlights that the interface that is made available is very intuitive to be managed, filled out, and handled.  

The ease of installation is also another point that I highlight. The fact that you don’t have to install a modem or anything like that is a great advantage. I just need an outlet with electrical power and I can do the analysis.”

The company has some critical equipment that, if stopped, the whole production plan is affected. The online monitoring was able to identify 3 anomalies that had a high potential of evolution and would probably result in the failure of the equipment after a few hours. 

Identifying these failures early on allowed us to make a repair that was simple, cheap, and had almost no impact on production.”

To improve the practicality and reliability of your company’s maintenance, just like Fernando, contact one of our specialists and retire conventional maintenance. 


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