Our culture is always aligned
with the best frequency.

Nothing is done outside
of our culture.

Get to know the history of TRACTIAN. video

Get to know the history of TRACTIAN.

Our high-performance culture is directly linked to our history because we believe that everyone can evolve through their own ambition. Here, everyone thrives with autonomy, freedom and a desire to accomplish challenges while always striving for excellence.

Our Mission

Empower industrial and frontline workers to excel with a simple and efficient fusion of software and hardware solutions.

Our Vision

Deeply improve the lives of all frontline maintenance workers around the world by simplifying predictive maintenance routines.

Our Values

Predict the needs of our clients, listen carefully to feedback and care deeply about our role as a source of guidance in our community.

Blue Cap

Think and act as your own master while encouraging others and leading by example.

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Communicate straightforwardly, take responsibility for your work and admit mistakes quickly.

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Understand that a difficult task is just the sum of small tasks. Work quickly and passionately by doing huge things in incremental chunks.

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What our Blue Caps say:

"The whole team has one purpose which is to improve the day to day life of maintenance workers. I am grateful to be in a workplace where I feel I can make a difference."
Depoimento Tamires Zinetti
Tamires ZinettiCommunity
"Working at TRACTIAN means dealing with challenges every day but also having the assurance that all your hard work is recognized and it is amazing to be part of the team"
Depoimento Marlon Almeida
Marlon AlmeidaHardware Certifications Engineer
"Working here at TRACTIAN is like being in a rocket at high speed, we're always looking for new challenges."
Depoimento Wenderson Pacheco
Wenderson PachecoPlatform Mobile Lead
If you, like us, want to be part of transforming the future, the time is now! Join the team and become a Blue Cap too.
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