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Data Science

The Data Science squad handles projects involving our Artificial Intelligence and various statistical models, more than 40 in total. The objective is to identify patterns and propose insights within our models and algorithms, always with an eye toward creating accurate and applicable solutions. This helps us make informed decisions and create efficient products for our customers.

What does it take to be a Data Blue Cap?


Grit matters. Wrangling over 1 million monthly insights, as tracked by our devices, isn't a walk in the park. Sometimes, taking a step back to move many steps forward is crucial, and recognizing this as part of the process is essential.


Collaborating with a variety of fields and know-how. Our Data Science team spans from hardware to software, covering the entire product.


Analytical thinking. We create intelligence and valuable insights out of raw data. Navigating between these two is a top-notch skill that will drive your growth in this domain alongside us.


Recognizing that 'I'm not familiar' or 'I don't know' is merely a temporary roadblock. We've already gone through many years of company experience, yet we discover new things every day

Our team consists of:

Advanced modeling and Algorithms

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Machine Learning Engineering

Predictive Modeling

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