Time-based Maintenance Routines

Learn how to create automated preventive maintenance plans based on the 52-week calendar.


Your Maintenance Improved and Optimized

With TracOS™, you can schedule inspection and preventive routes via the calendar, minimizing reliance on manual processes.

Prioritize Your Assets

Through the hierarchization functionality, each asset and component can be identified, facilitating information access and tracking.

Prevention Through Planning

With the assets identified, create new Preventive Plans using the 52-week calendar. When the deadline is reached, a work order will be created.

Create Unique Metrics

Oil level? Hour meter? Pressure? You choose. With the definition of metrics, your preventives are based on data, avoiding unnecessary services that generate losses.

Increase Asset Lifespan

With TracOS™, your maintenance takes place based on asset condition rather than strictly following the manufacturer's manual. As a result, you’ll experience increased service life and greater savings.

New Ways to Face the Day to Day in Maintenance


Organize preventive plans according to the 52-week view, allowing even more control of your routines.

The work order calendar allows for quick identification and prioritization of the work to be performed.

Check the assignees, comments, and images of each work order, and change the priority level if necessary.

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