Tractian Smart Sensor for more reliable machines.

The most advanced IoT Technology that connects you with your assets.

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Smart Trac Sensor

#1 Sensors for Machine Monitoring

We connect your assets to our IoT sensors that can accurately measure temperature, vibration, hour meter and estimated energy consumption.

All information is sent in real time to our platform, where you have access to everything easily and online. Forget the usage of gateways or own infrastructure to save and analyze this data!


Triaxial vibration of your machine with samples in real time up to 6.6KHz.

Plug & Play

No more wasting time with complex and failing implementations of sensors.


We send the sensors and help you choose the best monitoring spots.

Everything is already set up for usage!


Attach the sensor to your machine.

Your sensor is almost ready.


Register and activate the new monitored spot by scanning the qr code on the sensor

The data goes straight to our 2g / 3g network. Forget about industrial WiFi or gateways.


Enjoy the best of our IoT sensor.

Now you can enjoy all of the features, alarms and insights of our platform.

Smart Trac Sensor

Smart Trac Sensor
Battery for 90 thousand Vibration samples.
Wireless 2G/3G/4G Gateway that supports up to 20 sensors.
Identify your machine's health pattern.


Vibration, Temperature and Hourmeter

Instant Setup - 3 minutes

3-year battery life

Network via Long Range Gateway (2G / 3G / 4G)

Sampling Rate up to 6.6KHz

Temperature Limit: -10° C ≤ T ≤ +80

IP65 Protection Level

Attached by Magnet, Screw or Epoxy

Dimension: 62 mm x 42 mm x 29 mm

Our sensor attends over 100 types of machines

Unbalance, misalignment and resonance failures can be identified.
Of the most diverse types, identify problems like mechanical loosenes and foundation failures.
The vibration analysis detects wear and overload on the shaft, among others..
The sensors detect signs of excess temperature and unbalance.
Detect heating and engine defects.
Misalignament of belts and bearings defects can be noticed.
Identify failures in the servo motors, steering wheels and friction in joints..
Misalignment, mechanical looseness, warping and harmful friction are detected.
Detect unbalance and interlocking.
Frequently Asked Questions
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