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The Customer team is responsible for providing quality service and support to our clients, ensuring a great experience. They anticipate client needs, listen carefully to their requests and care deeply about creating value.

What does it take to be a Customer Service Blue Cap?


Obsession for the customer. It is fundamental to really care about bringing value to our clients by helping them with whatever they need.


Being proactive. Taking responsibility for how our clients find individual success in our our solution. This is the only way we can ensure that customer expectations are being exceeded.


Successful demand management. You will have dozens of customers in your portfolio, each with a different blueprint and needs. Unexpected situations will arise daily and you will have to deal with them.


Attention to detail. Find ways to improve the experience and return on investment for each client. For this, you will need to be very attentive and take necessary steps to problem solve.

Our team consists of:

Advanced modeling and Algorithms

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Machine Learning Engineering

Predictive Modeling

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